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H3 Wine Bottles


Our winemakers focus on creating the best wines that showcase the Horse Heaven Hills AVA. In order to celebrate the best of each vintage, we use only the ingredients necessary to ensure each bottle of wine reaches its maximum potential.   


The most integral ingredient of all. Our grapes are sourced from high quality vineyards which are the foundation for our unparalleled quality wine. These are crucial in defining the color, texture and flavor of our wine.


Adding water is standard in winemaking because grapes dehydrate as they ripen so water helps replace what is lost and helps lower high alcohol levels allowing for a more balanced wine.   


One of the most important elements to winemaking is the yeast which is why our winemakers hand select yeast for every varietal. It is the kick-start ingredient that begins the conversion of sugars into alcohol, also known as fermentation.


In order to keep the fermentation going, our winemakers use yeast nutrients to essentially fuel the yeast, it’s like vitamins for yeast. If the fermentation begins to slow or even stop, it can create off-flavors and aromas in the finished wine, so we add the yeast nutrients to ensure that our wine tastes great in your glass!


This ingredient is a staple of all winemaking – it plays an integral role with the levels of acidity in the wine and influences the overall taste of the finished wine. Learn More From UC Davis


Sulfites are common in wines and occur naturally in grapes during fermentation and are used in winemaking to preserve the wine’s character, flavor and color so you are able to enjoy a bottle of wine years down the road! Learn More From UC Davis


While the majority of sugar is naturally occurring, sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t give us everything we want! A very small amount of sugar may be added at the end of fermentation for balance and to fill out the mouthfeel of the wines.